Practice yardage: 1000 – 1500 yards

This group is designed for swimmers who can independently swim across the pool with any swim stroke. The focus of this group is fundamentals of swimming and good habit forming. The LEVEL 1 swimmer has complete proficiency in the freestyle and backstroke, and a beginning knowledge of the butterfly and breaststroke. This is an introduction to fundamentals such as streamline, under water pullouts, starts, turns, and proper technique regarding kicking, pulling and body positions. Participation at meets is encouraged.


Practice yardage: 1500 – 2000 yards

This group is designed for the swimmers who have achieved the main goals of LEVEL 1 or who are already proficient in both freestyle and backstroke and have the basic understanding of breaststroke and butterfly. In LEVEL 2, swimmers will begin or improve on established drills and mechanics for all four strokes. Fundamentals are reinforced and encouraged. Practice attendance is emphasized and participation at swim meets is encouraged.


Practice yardage: 2000 – 3000 yards

LEVEL 3 swimmers should exhibit legal strokes and turns in all four competitive strokes. At this stage, advanced drills and training are introduced and reinforced. This is an introduction to aerobic and anaerobic training, feel for the water, interval training and how to use the pace clock. Use of specific training equipment is encouraged. 75% practice attendance and participation at swim meets is encouraged.  


Practice yardage: 3500 – 4500 yards

LEVEL 4 swimmers have progressed into longer training sessions and exhibit the maturity to handle an increased demand of practice. These swimmers will have a working knowledge of all four strokes and are able to perform legal and proficient starts and turns, in addition to having good practice and training habits. Maximum utilization of equipment and training is emphasized. Understanding and implementation of advanced swimming techniques, goal setting, and team dynamics are essential. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as well as responsibility are essential. LEVEL 4 swimmers exhibit maturity, goal setting, and leadership qualities. 75% minimum practice attendance is expected to achieve both personal and team goals and participation at swim meets is encouraged.