University City Swim Club, located in St. Louis, MO, offers a youth swim team and adult masters team, open to all.


University City Swim Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in St. Louis, MO, provides continued access to a flexible program that delivers a safe and supportive environment to swimmers to develop a love of swimming through skilled instruction and opportunities to compete at the highest level.


Access: Accessibility to a community swim program regardless of all demographics.

Equity: Reduce disparities in access to high-quality swim training while considering that swimming pools have historically been unwelcoming and even dangerous places for African Americans.

Excellence: Provide elite instruction to prepare athletes to develop and compete at their highest potential.

Safety: Provide a safe environment and atmosphere for swimmers to develop a love of swimming and increase swimming skills.


The University City Swim Club Board is available for any questions/concerns you have. You can reach us by emailing [email protected].  

Ellen Howe (Board President)

Paul Granneman (Treasurer)

Emily Leong (Secretary)

Mirella Barboza (Board Member)

Rachelle Dell (Board Member)

Jordan McCall (Board Member)

Karna Sherwood (Board Member)

Andrew Wool (Board Member)