July 7 and 8 results are:

Molly Chambers went from 1:49.57 in the 100 meter free to a time of 1:41.00 improving by almost 9 seconds

Molly achieved her second BB qualifying time by improving from a time of 48.91 in the 50 meter back to 47.73

Molly improved in the 100 breast going from 2:17.17 to 2:05.01.

Benicio Moyano Improved in his 50 meter breast going from a time of 1:03.50 to 1:02.38

Benicio furthered his improvement in the breast stroke by reducing his 100 meter breast from 2:27.27 to 2:24.09

With the season ending coming nearer our swimmers with current qualifying times are:

Molly Chambers 50 meter back and 50 meter fly

Henry Hassenstab 50 meter back and 100 meter back and 100 yard fly

Ignacio Moyano 50 meter fly, 100 meter breast, 50 meter breast, 100 meter back, 50 meter back, 100 meter free, 50 meter free, 50 yard fly, 100 yard back, 50 yard back, and 100 yard free.

Lucy Christian 50 yard free and 100 yard free.

I am looking forward to clearer sky's and to our upcoming meet a week from today.

Coach Larry

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