Meet Coach Larry

Larry Edinger, Head Coach

My name is Lawrence Edinger, but everyone calls me Larry - those I have taught and coached call me Coach Larry.

At the age of 8 I was introduced to swimming; I was scared to death. A very nice and knowledgeable man named Tony Isom gave me my first basic swim lesson. By the age 12 or 13 I became a Porpoise, and at that level an instructor's aid. I found out how much fun teaching swimming is.

As a 911 Dispatcher with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, I got back into the water on my free time and started where I left off as a 13yr old. I joined the YWCA where I caught the attention of their senior swim instructors, became a Water Safety Instructor with the Red Cross, and met Luann Stack my mentor. At the YWCA I learned the basics of proper body alignment, stroke definition, and the use of the Part/Whole method as an instruction tool. In 1999 I formed the the Blue Dolphin Swim Club; I have great memories of watching those I have coached succeed. I coached the Indian Hills outdoor swim team one summer in 1999. I was fortunate enough to win gold, silver, and bronze medals in the 2006 and 2007 Senior Olympics.

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